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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Curling in North Carolina


NC curling picCheck out this article from an online Raleigh newspaper (The News & Observer) about how “cool'” curling is.  The author was apparently too nervous to step out onto the ice herself (she was training for a marathon and had been warned about the dangers of slipping), but she gives an entertaining account of watching the brave souls who did take the plunge, so to speak.  My favourite part: when she refers to the “pitchers” sending rocks down the ice. 

This picture, from the Triangle Curling Club website in Raleigh, shows curlers out on what sure looks like a hockey rink.  Isn’t that the blue line?  And boards?  Determined curlers will obviously find ice wherever they can, and who can blame them?  Way to go, Triangle Curling!

Next stop: checking in with some curlers in California.  Yes, you heard me!

1 comment:

  1. Jean,

    Thank you for the press. Not sure which club in California you are looking at but the Hollywood one worked with the Simpson's writers for the upcoming episode. The San Jose and the Wine Country clubs are very active as well. If you want a good contact at the Hollywood club let me know.

    Also we have more pictures on our facebook page as we are updating our web page. There is also a video of us from ABC news showing new curlers learning the game. In a couple of shots you might be able to make out that they are being taught by the University of Toronto curling coach. Scott was down here this summer on a work assignment.

    We host a summer bonspiel in August and the last two years we have had ON teams travel down to compete. We usually get US teams from DC and Chesapeake MD, Cape Cod, Columbus OH, Knoxville, Green Bay, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and a few I am forgetting to curl inside while it is hot outside.

    Good Curling,

    Sue Mitchell

    Triangle Curling Club